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3 Tips for Creating Effective Video Content

3 Tips for Creating Effective Video Content

Creating the perfect marketing video isn’t easy. Despite video marketing being one of the most effective techniques available, many businesses struggle to make much of an impact. The problem is, there’s a trick to creating an effective video and a lot of mistakes to be made. If your videos aren’t drawing in as much traffic and sales as you’d hoped, the 3 tips below might help.


1. Understanding what your audience needs and wants

As brilliantly highlighted by Cision, consumers are bombarded by video content. Therefore, it’s hard to get your message heard when you have so much competition. You need to provide something your audience wants or needs. So, a good tip is to pay attention to what your target audience is talking about.

Social Media is a great outlet for this. You can see what topics your audience is interested in, what problems they’re having and then come up with ways your business can help. By offering them something they need that relates to present issues, you stand a much higher chance of success.

2. Make sure you’re on YouTube

While creating Facebook video ads is a great way to market your videos, you can’t beat YouTube in terms of audience participation. There’s some very useful statistics and information on the Content Marketing Institute site, which shows youhow to create successful YouTube content. One of the key factors that was found was those who had a wide variety of different length videos seem to generate the most interest. It’s also a good idea to have your YouTube videos linked to your website.

3. Make sure the opening is strong

You have around 3 seconds to grab the audience’s attention. This means the opening to the video has to be extremely strong. If in doubt, it’s easier to start the video off with a question that addresses the audience’s current problem. Or, you could follow the advice of social media giant Facebook and ensure your brand or image of your product shows up first.

These are only a small selection of the things you need to know when creating videos for your business. It’s hard keeping on top of everything, especially when the rules and methods change so frequently. That’s why it’s a great idea to hire experts such as Hands Digital Marketing, who know exactly how to create killer video content.

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